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Season to season scorecards (in dev) 

Scordcards subject to change as more research is forthcoming

Seasons 1895 - 1898 

The birth of Minor Counties Cricket Championship, dominated by a pre 1st class Worcestershire

Seasons 1900 - 1909 

With the arrival of Sydney Barnes, Staffordshire becomes a major force in Minor Counties Cricket, winning the Championship in 1906 and again in 1908

Seasons 1910 - 1919 

Prior to WW1, the Championship was dominated by Norfolk and Staffordshire, Staffordshire winning the championship in 1911 and again in 1914, Norfolk in 1910 & 1913 , with the title in 1912 shared between them.

Seasons 1920 - 1929 

After the great War, Staffordshire started off in crushing form winning  back to back Championships in 1920 & 1921. Staffordshire then had to wait six more sesons for their next Championship title in 1927. 

Seasons 1930 - 1939 

This decade saw the emergence of the 1st class counties second XIs to dominate the Championship, with only a pre 1st class Durham (1930) and Buckinghamshire (1932 & 1938) to claim titles.    

Seasons 1940 - 1949 

Post-War, Suffolk won the first Championship to be played then the second XIs of Yorkshire and Lancashire won the remaining Championships in the decade.     

Seasons 1950 - 1959 

The second XIs of 1st Class counties started to dominate the Championships titles in this decade.     

Seasons 1960 - 1969 

The swinging sixties saw the Championship carry on in the same vane, with Staffordshire mainly a mid table team.     

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