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Michael Hill

Left Hand Bat

Left Arm Fast Medium

Pete Wilshaw

Right Hand bat 

Right Arm Off-spin

Tim Maxfield.jpg
Tim Maxfield

Left Hand bat 

Right Arm Fast-Medium

Liam Banks.jpg
Liam Banks

Right Hand Bat


Tom Steele.jpg
Tom Steele


Right Hand bat 

Leg Spin

harry potter.jpg
Robert Yates

Left Hand Bat

Right Arm Off spin

Dan Richardson.JPG
Dan Richardson

Right Hand bat 

Right Arm Fast-Medium

Paul Byrne.jpg
Paul Byrne

Left Hand bat 

Slow Left Arm 

Spencer Byatt.JPG
Spencer Byatt

Wicket - Keeper

Zen Malik.JPG
Zen Malik

Shoaib Akhtar.jpg
Shoaib Akhtar
Matt Morris.jpg
Matt Morris
Alex Mellor.jpg
Alex Mellor

Left Hand bat 


Richard Williams
Richard Williams.jpg
James Cox.jpg
James Cox
Rob Hemmings.jpg
Rob Hemmings
Mitchell Spencer.jpg
Mitchell Spencer
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